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About Us

PARAS TEXTILE ENGINEERING was established in 1991 by company's proprietor Mr. Shambhubhai. A. Patel engaged in manufacturing of “Textile Process Machinery.

Our main products are " Peach Finish Emerizing Machine, All types of inspection Machine, All types of Brushing machine with high Vacuum Blowers, All types of Material Holding Trolleys, etc Upto now, we have manufactured such type of machine more than 800 , so that, by solving the smallest problems in Machine manufacturing, we are giving proper attention to improve and give better ' Quality '. And by which we are getting good results of Machines.

We have got our own Leth Machine (3 big, 4 small), Milling Machine, Welding Machine, Cutting Machine, Grinding Machine. Even we have got good qualified and experienced Engineers and Workers.

The plot area covers 2500 Sq.mtrs. with built-up area of 1750 Sq.mtrs


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