Peach Finish Emerizing Machine

Peach Finish Emerizing Machine

PPARAS Peach finish fabric sueding Machine is Designed for Cotton, Synthetic and Synthetic blend to give soft, fluffy finish like peach skin effect. This peach finish fabric is a demand of today’s fashion fabric and is pleasant to wear. This new model Machine is the result of basic research and result of practical experience and design development. The Machine is of sturdy construction, reliable performance and easy maintenance. All Emurising roll are individually driven by separate AC motors.

Machine is provided with entry cloth guider preheating device 2 rolls DC Moters are provide for fabric feed, plaiting/ Special device is provided to press the fabric for emurising effect as required, the setting can be done by hand wheel and the same is displayed on Digital Electronic Pressure meter individually for each emurising roll fabric press and as lift pneumatically after starting of emurising roll and lift as soon as machine stops, avoiding any damage of fabric, One beater and soft brush roll is provided to clean the fabric separately, Dust extractors is given below each emurising roll to accumulate the dust further a cyclone is provided to collect the dust.

Fabric Treatment One Side
Fabric (working) Width 1600 m.m.
No. of Sueding Cylinders 5 (Five)
Fabric Speed 0 to 25 mts./min.
Length / Widht/ Height 5000/3000/3300 mm.

Soft Feel M/C / Big Batchin (Lisa m/c)

Rotating Station

PARAS SOFT FEEL Machine is designed for Cotton, Synthetic and Synthetic blend to give soft, fluffy finish. This Soft feel (Lisa) finish is a demand of today’s Fashion fabric and is pleasant to wear.

Compact Design
Absolutely clear visibility of on going process, Positively driven scroll roller for creaseless fabric feeding, 6 point rotating pressing attachment with digital display, Variable brush speed for required feel, Powerful fluff suction to keep fabric, brush rollers and the inside area clean and dust free, Multi point inverter controlled drive ensures controlled fabric tension, Built in electrical panel, User friendly touch screen display, Plating down or optional contact batcher.

Sample Pringitn Machine

Stripe Fine Machine

PARAS ENGINEERS presents new textile processing machine know as “STRIPE FINES MACHIE” which fines vertical stripe on fabrics, stripes starts from 6mm to 300mm and also multiple stripes on fabrics which are demand of today’s fashion fabrics.

Stripe Fines Machine


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